brit phelan is a director living & working in los angeles. 

films, commercials, digital videos, and more—brit can handle it all. her rare, two-for-one director / editor skill set is the result of a hardly traditional career path. but that’s brit. conventional wisdom hasn’t always applied to her. 

brit started growing her professional network nearly a decade ago working with shops like wieden+kennedy, 72andsunny, anomaly and google—ultimately leading her down a multidisciplinary road peppered with the cinematography, editorial and directorial experiences that shaped the unique creative vision she continues to polish daily.

today, brit doesn’t just bring beautiful art to life—she gives it a true purpose powerful enough to change the way people think, how they behave, and even what they do. maybe that’s why brands like nike, abercrombie, gymboree, modcloth, verizon, coca-cola and old spice call on brit to bring their stories to life in ways that make us all stop and think about a product in an entirely new light.

and ever since founding the editorial service company little known, brit’s a one-stop-shop capable of taking any type of production from start to finish. See for yourself. most of the content on this site was edited at little known.

as a tried-and-true multidisciplinary creative, brit knows great work never comes from following established industry norms. her wide variety of experiences across all categories of film is exactly why brit refuses to limit herself to the accepted ways of doing things.

brit genuinely loves creating, and the passion she brings to every project proves it. work with brit and you’ll realize that it’s pure dedication that drives her, not an ego—a rare quality these days.

but that’s brit.
rare and unconventional

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little known

little known is a boutique post-production house in los angeles with the wide ranging capabilities of any large-scale studio. from full-length feature films and music videos to broadcast and digital advertising, little known quickly turns around the highest quality content for less.

our work is driven by an obsession with storytelling. it’s obvious throughout every step of our process. In cinematography, editing, color grading, custom motion graphics, VFX, sound design, mixing & finishing—everything we do plays a unique role in telling the best possible story to affect people on a global scale. so much so that we’ve been fortunate enough to tell stories for brands like abercrombie, atlantic Records, fossil, gymboree, modcloth, coca-cola, old spice & verizon.

whether your project calls for a whole team or someone flying solo, we have everything you need to bring your story to life in beautiful, purposeful and memorable ways. that’s why the world’s most well-known brands and artists have consistently trusted little known for a decade and counting.

hollywood is my mother

since birth, we’re taken under hollywood’s wing to be shaped by her, influenced by her and raised by her. but now, we’ve grown and it’s our turn to set the new standards of imagination with whatever we can imagine. 

sixteen projects form one narrative mood board that’s built to reveal what’s inside us. the stories that reject the very existence of one-size-fits-all uniformity. the stories that prove how a new world of original work can challenge the very world we live in.

and hollywood is my mother is the blank canvas on which i begin.