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dear internet users,

brit phelan here! yes, i left all social networks. in many ways, i won’t be coming back. but if you’re interested in that internet realism notion…you’ve stumbled on gold. all of the content i'm creating as a director and editor can now be found here.

as you may know, i'm a commercial director and video editor currently working as an art director for youtube tv in los angeles. here, in this blog, you’ll find behind-the-scenes videos and photos of my work plus commentary on the process.

i’ll be highlighting key collaborators too. we may even spill some details about our approach—tricks of the trade type of thing. ways we choose to film a piece, edit a piece or even our approach to directing.

it’s gonna be great—full of content for the instajunkies out there. in fact, just for kicks here are a few photos from the pentax p30t i was given this holiday season.

check it out and stay tuned for more projects.

no longer yours,