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it's a tangled web of human connections in this music video. jimmy knows sia. sia wants to make jimmy famous. i know rj. well, we all know rj shaughnessy. now, i guess we all know each other.

and, we all want jimmy to get famous. you know what happens when you have a bunch of friends that make things? we make you a thirty-minute video focused on your face singing the latest record you released.

why? you might ask. because sia is taking jimmy, aka champion chills, on tour. champion chills will be playing during her australia tour. look for it!

if you're curious how we recreated sia's iconic look in a pinch with no money here is gist of it: we used the canon c300 mark ii, the cooke s4i lenses, and never forget the classic soft 1/8. we're lean. we're budget friendly. we make shoestring shoots happen for friends.

you'll notice that i use this kit a lot when filming or when i’m hired as a DP (i.e. a cinematographer or director of photography). it helps keep the budget low and lean while keeping me nimble and ready to capture anything for my clients. you can't go wrong with cooke lenses and that extra touch of a classic soft filter is 😉!

also, the files are easy to manage and work with when editing. you have a lot of room to change settings on frame rate and aspect ratio, depending on what you intend to do in post. and, the footage colors nicely in both premiere and davinci resolve. i'm able to accomplish everything through my full-service post-production house, little/known.

check it out. it won't do you wrong and it's perfect to play when you're hangin around the house. all twenty-seven minutes of it, haha!