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i’m a bit of a jack of all trades. directing, editing, cinematography. film, video, social content. it’s because i love making things. i can’t help it. so naturally, when working with director ryan hope on the new ty dolla $ign beach house 3 music videos, i jumped at another opportunity to make this edit for midnight sister.

i’ve been editing for seven years now. i cherish the relationships i've formed with directors. the vulnerability of expression to create the best piece feels too good! as an editor, i know we have a huge influence on the piece. it's important to make the post production process as collaborative as possible. you want to not only create the director's vision, but give them options, too. we want to be their eye on anything they may have missed, because ultimately we’re the ones that have been closest to the footage.

in this music video, the directors ryan hope and ari balouzain imagined the piece to reflect a love story. when they approached me to work together, they didn't tell me that. i looked at all the footage not knowing the intentions for the story. when i scrubbed through the opening shot, i knew i had to make the music video about an ex-love.

the clown was so eerie and unhinged. yet the bond between the two dancers felt intimate and tense. the clown yearns for the singer's attention and affection, while the singer appears reminiscent and distant.

so, i cut the piece to match the story of a final dance with an old lover. when i presented it to the directors, there was no question about the edit. we couldn’t go any other direction; the emotion i created through the edit was perfect.

check it...