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i worked with uninterrupted as an editor to create this empowering youtube video that discusses allyson felix’s views on beauty and the sexualization of female athletes.

the uninterrupted creative team has great energy and brings a unique perspective to their coverage of athletes. their style is more intimate and raw, something you can't get just anywhere.

for this video, the creative direction was to film an equal amount of beauty shots of allyson felix that would crosscut with her working out in the gym. through this juxtaposition, we wanted to highlight the ridiculousness that women athletes feel pressure to showcase their grooming habits as much as their training.

in fact, in this edit, we removed a majority of the shots that focused on felix getting ready for the interview. it didn't feel right. even though we were portraying what women athletes go through in their career, it took away from how we know felix best: as a badass sprinter that should be recognized solely for her talent.

we added more of her training back in to fit the message of the piece. she has big things to say. take a listen.