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from time to time i work with director and photographer mark leibowitz. we get access to all the major award ceremonies in los angeles and film and edit live social content during the event.

yes, you read correctly. we post edited videos live during the event. how does this work, you might ask? good question! well, mark comes up with the set and directs people like donald glover to do things for the camera. then i put my nimble editing skills to good use.

if you've been to one of these events, you know people like donald glover have to go down a long red carpet and pose for many different cameras. there’s a ton of people obnoxiously screaming their name to get a shot. let's face it, if you don't have the shot, you weren't there.

when they get to us they are about halfway through this nightmare and we have about two minutes with them before they continue down the red carpet. that's two minutes to get them in the mood to be filmed! but hey, we capture something every time, so no worries.

then, this footage gets rushed to me where i'm sitting with about a hundred other people editing photos they need to post ASAP. except, i'm not retouching a photo; i'm a lead editor of a team of about six. we have to work some magic on the fly and edit shareable social content that all post within a couple hours after we get the footage.

so, back to me getting the footage. i get the footage, i transfer it to the master drive and a shuttle drive to pass to one of the editors. if they are already working on something else, i jump on it. please do not try to attempt this without seven identical hard drives and six identical edit stations. like, if someone on your team is living in 2015 with premiere and everyone else is in the present... they need to go.

once you get the footage you have to sync the different angles. heck, this time we didn't have audio, but typically we'd have to sync that, too. then you choose your selects and put together an edit. then show leibowitz, make adjustments, show the client and make their adjustments.

finally, when the piece is approved, we do a quick mix of the audio and spice up the color grade. bam. times up. post that shit before it's irrelevant. that's basically the gist of live editing. it ain't for everyone, but it’s worth it.