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aight, i've been editing a ton for ty dolla $ign's new beach house 3 album. i started out as the DIT on set, then started cutting the dawsin's breek song we filmed during my down time. i pitched it to director ryan hope and next thing i knew, i was the official music video editor and i've been down in palm desert editing for most of august.

we have a total of four music videos to complete: dawsin's breek ft. jeremih, stare, side effects and ex ft. YG. i'm nearly finished with dawsin's breek! don't think i'll be writing home to mom about that one. stare, on the other hand, that could be one i write home about.

as you know, ty dolla $ign sticks pretty close to his reputation when it comes to his music videos. i  mean, let's face it, hip-hop music videos follow a pretty basic formula.

but! stare seems different. i think these frame grabs say it all.

this edit came together pretty quickly after reviewing the footage. i was hung up by the stares above. ty and ryan worked together on the creative direction for this music video. ty wanted to emulate his childhood. the first picture is young ty played by charlee davis. third picture is ty's mom played by dominique domingo. and the last picture is ty's dad played by darquis.

ryan captured a ton of party footage during the shoot and trust me, we tried working them all in. but at the end of the day, less was more. the emotion came from the stares and everything else was secondary.

you have the stare of a young child who happens to be in a room of a bunch of adults sniffing blow. yeah, first ten seconds should have you feeling some feels and having some opinions. and then you see some dude up on some girl. whatever, it's a party right? but there is some kid still walking around, no? they don’t seem to care. and then you get the reveal of ty's mom's stare. oh dayum! and the return stare from ty's dad. double dayum. if that don't make your blood boil, i don't know what will.

we've watched this cut over a hundred times. every time ryan and i say the same thing..."that fucking bastard, goddamn mate." (ryan's from the uk, if you're questioning the mate lingo).

anyways, it's true. that final stare from darquis is brutal. he does not give one care to his wife or his kid. i could hold on that shot forever just to get your blood boiling, but i think what i edited together does it enough.

till next time!