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was the editor on this piece for director maya albanese. it was featured on popsugar and nomore.org and lived as shareable social content in the digital space.

melissa st. vil is a champion boxer who should be known for her skills in the boxing ring and power as a female athlete role model. but instead, the media has focused on her as a victim.

in 2009, she was assaulted and almost killed by her then-trainer, roger mayweather. She was rushed to mountain view hospital and treated for injuries from strangulation. the legal system debated his case for two years in a very public trial and he ended up accepting a generous plea deal that didn't include a single hour of jail time.


it turns out that melissa comes from an upbringing saturated with violence, including being abused and assaulted by members of her own family. but the most important part of her story, which no one has depicted yet: melissa has overcome her darkness and found light through professional sports.

now, she wants to empower others going through similar dark experiences or struggling with painful memories, by encouraging them to stand up for themselves, let it all out, and push hard for their dreams. it was an honor to tell her story by editing this video content.

in gratitude,