do you know my friend rj shaughnessy? no? well he knows everyone, including joanna ewing (who was the global creative director of urban outfitters). and now i know joanna, although she makes the creative advertising decisions over at abercrombie & fitch these days.

for this "do it in your denim" summer ad campaign, they brought me on to handle the entire visual process as the director, cinematographer, and editor. folks, it's as crazy as the footage looks.

 i used an alexa mini with angenieux optimo zoom lenses on an easy rig and juggled with two iphones and a fuji x-10 camera. thank the nonexistent gods for my 1st AC mike lemnitzer that day, along with my DIT and PA. 

we got the whole social media look as this ad campaign used my commercial directing skills to make it look like the talent was actually shooting this video series for an agency. it was quite a show walking up and down santa monica with groups of talent as i directed them to do something clever in their jeans.

but never fear, it all panned out. check out all the shareable digital content little known post house put together for this campaign. and, that's not even half of what circulated.