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There's nothing like getting scrappy with your friends and making something fun together. So when you find yourself directing a lot of social content, take a break and make a music video with the people you love. That's especially true if you're back in New York with a break in between filming Abercrombie and ModCloth ad campaigns.

It was a pleasure running around Brooklyn with Eleanor Hullihan and Jimmy Jolliff. Back in Los Angeles, Jimmy and I discussed what a fun concept it would be to film Eleanor mocking him in a Champion Chills music video. When the three of us finally got together, we made that idea a reality.


We're lucky to have friends like Ryan Kelley over at bravo media and Thobey Campion at Vice that let us borrow their Canon C300 and 24-70mm lens. We didn't add anything past that to the camera package for this music video shoot.

From there I built a few DIY lighting setups and jumped around Williamsburg filming at locations that were donated to us by Annie Simeone.

By the end of the day, we had ourselves a music video. It's not every day you're a director, cinematographer and low-key editor splicing away in-between location moves.

Enjoy! We sure did.