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For those of you just tuning in, Nike is working with Tastemade to make an editorial video series shot in Los Angeles that creates major attention for their NTC APP and all their social channels.

Tastemade saw what I've been doing this year with Verizon, Abercrombie, and ModCloth and hired me as the director of the NTC series. We started pre-production last November and just released the first videos of the series.

Such a fun week of production and working with all my friends in their various roles. Shout out to my camera team that managed an Alexa Mini, Canon 1014xls 8mm, Sony Mini DV, GoPro, iPhone, and a Polaroid camera. Holler at Pro8mm for setting us up with 8mm footage! Also, special thanks to my friends in wardrobe, hair and makeup, art department, and production on this full-service professional shoot. And, of course, thank you Nike for having me on this campaign. What a fun piece to tackle together.

Little Known Post House did all the editing, motion graphics, VFX, color grading, sound design, sound mix, and finishing.

Stay tuned for more in 2019!