here's the second video i directed for my buddies over at human element. they hired me to be the director, cinematographer, and editor for this reebok ad campaign. as you may remember, the idea was to be nimble and minimal but still capture a beautiful image. the result was a gritty night shoot following a visual narrative of urban running after dark.

this concept was a lot of fun for me. it was personal. since moving to los angeles, i periodically decide to go running late at night for about thirteen miles at a time. living near macarthur park, my run typically looks similar to the images you'll see in the video.

i had a good time filming this piece. got to hang outside of a car and track our talent with some creative cinematography. i also got to use my friend as a human tripod and got to film the entire thing in one night of running around los angeles with my trusty canon c300 mark i. definitely a really fun reebok advertising campaign to direct.


p.s. it's been a few months since this original post but wanted to update you! gatorade just launched a broadcast spot that looks pretty similar to this here piece 😎.