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what a crazy project to be a part of this holiday season! it's not every day that you get to document nightlife. inspire the night is a series red bull created to show that great nightlife is more than just a party.

it's a carefully choreographed experience and art form unto itself. inspire the night allows you to go behind the scenes with the creators of various nightlife masterpieces and see their genius at work.

i came in the last week of the project to DIT on set for my buddy (and amazing cinematographer) logan triplett. the crew was amazing and lead by director lance drake over at doomsday. we got to film with the alexa mini in settings that were controllable and then on the more versatile sony a7s for all the rager scenes.

we really got to embrace ourselves in their world and they were truly a welcoming group of people. check out the documentary film we put together paired with some random bts photos.

side note, i did get to see cara delevingne at the last party we filmed. 😍

being on set with the gang was a lot of fun. since i was hired as the DIT, i wound up pulling selects and starting to string things together for director lance drake. once he saw my editing skills, he knighted me as an official editor and had me cut the second piece he filmed for the inspire the night marketing campaign. 

check out the piece that i edited. there were quite a bit of hours spent editing at lance drake's house this holiday season.