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thank you for having me on set with you rj shaughnessy! always fun working with you and portfolio one, the killer full service production company and editorial agency.

this week our friends from verizon flew in from new york. we went to three different locations and shot about fifteen different social video concepts.

the crew consisted of me as the director and cinematographer, my 1st ac and 2nd ac. we pimped out a canon c300 with some cooke S4i lenses and added that classic soft 1/8 for some extra lovin.

we stayed nimble and filmed everything as a lean crew. once we wrapped, i handed off the media drive to little known post house. every piece of social content was filmed, edited, graded, mixed, and finished through little/known.

for those of you who don't know, i have a huge editing background. i've been a film and commercial editor for about 7 years now and this year i started an editorial company with some from friends called little/known post house.

check out the highlights of the shoot and what came of it.