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loves you

is awesome

why this project was cool on so many levels:

one, i got be the editor for mimi cave. she's kinda amazing and is signed over at doomsday. i mean, have you seen the sylvan esso videos she whipped up? incredible directing.

two, i got to work with my best friend. you know him as logan triplett, the cinematographer. not only did i edit his beautiful images, i also got to show up on set and build a lightbox for him. the proof of this is in the headline photo. 😎

three, toogie barcelo moves like no other human alive. i think dua lipa would back me up on that one. she is her choreographer these days.

four, clara-nova or sydney wayser is the sweetest person on earth. what a fun project to make.

five, we even shot everything with drones! it was a fun night of friends meeting on a rooftop in los angeles to make something worth it.

oh! and, mimi cave gave me the best compliment to date on my editing style. mimi, i still have the voicemail saved on my phone.