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sometimes there are moments in your career that you can point to and say that's literally when things changed for me. the beach house 3 music video shoot for ty dolla $ign was that moment for me. i was the DIT on set doing my digital imaging technician thing but knowing that i wanted to be the editor. i spent every second i could downloading and checking cards editing. right before we wrapped, i showed director ryan hope what i had done and he made it happen for me. next time i know, we're zooming around in his car doing some extracurricular activities and i'm feeling like the kid in almost famous who doesn't understand how he got so lucky.

for the next two weeks, i edited four music videos that got strung together into a film about ty dolla $ign. the film went away and the only video that actually got released was dawsin's breek, but a lot of crazy stuff happened, like: an iPhone was broken, i met a cool cat called bullet, i learned a lot from the director, i made an amazing playlist with the guys that i stayed in palm dessert with, i got a funny picture of ty dolla $ign sleeping when he was supposed to be on set, got a fun set of selfies of my own at all the different locations where we got to film (strip clubs, malibu, west adams, a church, this famous rock n’ roll recording place that I am blanking on right now).

more than anything, i learned that palm dessert is an amazing place to regroup and recharge when los angeles gets to be a little too much. big shout out to atlantic records and alex bittan for commissioning these videos. bigger shout out to single moments that change your life.