i don't know how, but we did this whole thing in one weekend. we shot five locations in two days and it looks like a million bucks but it only cost $1000. that's mainly thanks to milk studios and media box for donating the camera package, location, and lighting gear plus all the friends that worked for free to crew this thing because they believed in my vision. i hope i didn't let you guys down!

i learned a ton in directing and producing this short film/music video. the song is from jenna kyle and moises josue michel did the choreography. not to get too in-depth on the themes, but this video is the template for the relationships in my tv show. over six seasons, we'll see the highs and lows of sacrificing who you are as an individual for the sake of becoming something together. i based the video on one of my favorite movies, persona, from ingmar bergman. it's all about this feedback loop of becoming yourself through the eyes of the people around you. that's what i was hoping to explore with the dancers in the box and the evolution of how the main girl sees herself and how she acts.

thank you to an amazing team for helping me solve this rubik's cube of a video puzzle. you're the best.