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I’ll change six times before you have a chance to define me. That was the sentence that popped in my head and inspired this Hollywood Is My Mother project.

Based on Bergman's movie Persona, this interpretive dance video represents not fully knowing who you are and using other people to create and affirm a persona for yourself.

The main character bounces back and forth between real life and an alternate world where she battles her insecurities and fear of rejection through dance.

Each dance begins with her reacting to her opponents' moves, but by the end, she's creating her own steps.

We shot five locations in two days and it looks like a million bucks but it only cost $1000. Thank you Milk Studios and Media Box for donating the camera package, location, and lighting gear plus all the friends that worked for free to crew this thing because they believed in my vision. 

I've learned a ton in directing and producing this short film/music video. Looking forward to sharing more Hollywood Is My Mother projects in the future.