this one stretched my directing skills and it's one of my favorite documentary pieces i've ever done. i wanted to interview people at dyke day in los angeles about what being gay means to them. we set up a tent and interviewed everyone that was willing to talk. then i cut those interviews with footage of queer characters from film and television with the idea that they can help tell the stories of the people being interviewed. at the end of the day, this is a video that tries to say that being gay doesn't have to be anyone's defining characteristic. himm is about normalizing that conversation until it's not even relevant anymore (although we have a long way to go until that happens).

huge thanks to my best friend lauren baker for helping me film this. couldn't have done it without her and the big crew of pals that showed up out of nowhere to help. also, milk studios and t-stop hooked me up with the tent, lights, and canon c300, so i gotta clap it up for them, too.

this was an amazing experience and we were exhausted afterwards. i think we went to bed at 7pm that night, ha. don't worry. we made up for it at the pride parade.