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Huge thanks to my best friend Lauren Baker for helping me film this Hollywood Is My Mother project. Couldn't have done it without her and the big crew of pals that showed up out of nowhere to help. Also, thank you Milk Studios and T-Stop for hooking me up with the tent, lights, and Canon C300

This was an amazing experience, what an afternoon! I think we went to bed at 7 pm that night, ha. Don't worry. We made it to the Pride Parade the next day!

Project 1, which was about a woman struggling to break out of her shell, got me thinking about another kind of confinement: not being free to label yourself the way you want, and to define what that label means to you.

So for this project, I wanted to explore what it means to be queer. How do we in the media represent queer culture? How do we normalize what was once considered “other”?

I interviewed people at Dyke Day in Los Angeles. In the process, I heard over and over again that just seeing gay characters on screen who aren’t defined by tokenism or stereotypes makes people feel represented as humans.

I paired excerpts from my interviews with characters in pop culture to let familiar voices we know and love help tell these stories.

The future is human. These are human stories.